Distant Healing by Cris Andrews
With the world in crisis now more than ever, we need to look after our mind, body and spirit. In lockdown, we’re unable to visit live events to receive the guidance and assistance we need. But while the immediate future outside is uncertain, there are many healers who also work remotely, online, and who can still help us and our loved ones through these difficult times.  Read Cris Andrews's article in Kindred Spirit here:....


Finding Your Creative Flow by Debbie McIntee           We are all learning to adjust to very different lifestyles at the moment, some of us may be handling this better than others.  Some of us maybe worrying about our health, families, money, our jobs as we aren’t in control the way we used to be and this can allow FEAR to creep in.
Although we can’t bury our heads in the sand, we should remember there are certain things that we can’t change and worrying about them solves nothing, easier said than done I know.  I want to help you find your balance and your creative flow.  I believe it is so important that we have a creative outlet if we don’t,  this can block our sacral chakra.

I am Debbie McIntee of Soulful Creations and I create inspirational artwork.  Find me under 'Original Art' above!

The Age of Unity by Julie Fenn
Now, more than ever before, the people of the world need to be spiritually connected; with each other, with everything that exists, and with their higher selves and non-physical helpers.  This is the age of unity.  
We have never had so much information at our fingertips yet the down-side is, that in the 21st Century, there is still so much confusion, disinformation and corruption in the world.  Let's aim for clarity, then, in our missions and in our own lives.
If you are seeking spiritual guidance, a hand-up from a spiritually experienced friend or colleague, a word of support or practical advice on how to defeat your own inner demons or shadow side, you’ll find the right person here to help.  Sometimes, all you need is a nod to guide you onto the next step on your path to joy.  Here at the MBS Portal, you’ll find experienced, loving, professionals who are dedicated to the work of helping others to enjoy their lives.
The answers are within, but because we are all connected, it’s really fine to ask for a little advice sometimes.  And because this whole genre is ‘vibrational medicine’, a special crystal, piece of jewellery, spray, angelic gift, a psychic reading, a relaxing massage or even a chat with an expert, can make all the difference to where your consciousness goes to explore next.
What makes me happy is to know that we are One, and that we care for each other.  And that every single person is important at this special time. 
Much love, Julie
2nd April 2020
Raising Your Vibration for Wellness - Julie Boseley
Everything is energy. We are energy. Energy vibrates.
If our energy is low, our vibration is lower and this will lead to dis-harmony and/or dis- ease in the body.
It is at these times we are more susceptible to outside influences. Anything you can do to raise your vibration will help put you in a better place. It will even have an effect on anyone you are in contact with.
Any time you do anything that makes you truly happy, it raises your vibration. Anytime you do something for someone else, say a random act of kindness, the other person feels happy and loved, and their vibration is raised, too.
You can also raise your own vibration by walking in nature (ever wondered why you feel good after a walk?) or by spending time in your garden.
Being in the sunshine, by the water is an amazing way of raising your vibration. If you can’t get outdoors, so is singing (even if you don’t consider yourself a singer) and music.
Even our thoughts are vibrations (happy/positive ones being a higher vibration) so being mindful of what you think has an effect.
You can adopt daily practises such as mindfulness and meditation, or use technology - You Tube has a wealth of vibrational sound healing sessions and meditations.
Treating yourselves to holistic therapy is an ideal way to speed that up and is also very enjoyable. Each time you give yourself or receive, a reiki treatment you raise your vibration.
Bach (pronounced Batch) Flower Remedies use the vibration of the particular plant to rebalance your vibration when there is an imbalance. Tuning fork therapy works with the vibration of the tuning fork to recalibrate the body’s vibration and raise yours.
And finally, on a topical note - the earth and universe also has a vibration. So, by raising our vibration, this will collectively raise the vibration of the earth and will promote healing for her.
I think you will all agree that that has to be a good thing, but it starts with ourselves!
4 April 2020
Self Massage for Anxiety Relief by Kayleigh Purser
During lockdown you can still experience some benefits of massage by self-treating.
Pressure points are highly sensitive areas of the body, when pressure is applied they can relieve pain, improve balance and improve health throughout the body. There are many points in the hands, similar to those found in the feet for reflexology which you can massage at home.
I like to use Temple Spa’s Repose aromatherapy resting cream as a medium www.templespa.com/kayleighpurser/repose
Apply a generous amount, rub your thumb into the palm of your hand with circular motions, near the base of your thumb you should be able to feel a deep V.  This is your solar plexus pressure point and aids deep breathing.  Hold this point and take 6 deep breaths.
Slide your thumb down to where the base of your thumb meets your wrist and gently circle over this point.  This may help to alleviate respiratory and breathing problems.
Slide up to the web between thumb and first finger and apply firm pressure to the dip you find there, this helps alleviate pain, especially migraine, shoulder tension and neck pain.
Run your thumb up to your knuckle, grip your hand with first 2 fingers on your knuckle and thumb on your palm, massage the first knuckle between finger and thumb, move over to the next and do the same. Repeat for each one adding gentle pressure to the last, this area in reflexology corresponds to the shoulder.
Massage up each finger and give a gently pull.  Slide your thumb down the back of your hand and gently slide from wrist to finger between each tendon, this is believed to activate your lymphatic system which is paramount to the functioning of your immune system.
Finish with the inner and outer gate pressure points, located an inch below the middle of the crease of your wrist on your forearm.  Hold your thumb against the inner point and your middle finger against the outer point.  Take six deep breaths.  This is believed to improve digestion, nausea, stomach pain, give your immune system a boost and give your whole body a rush of energy.
Kayleigh Purser Therapies - 07940 476 016
Animal Magic  - Cris Andrews
You might have noticed more animals around lately. We’ve had owls, jays, parrots, pheasants and partridges in our garden in recent weeks, along with the usual squirrels, pigeons, magpies, chaffinches, tits and robins.
For the last few days a pair of ducks have been visiting in the late afternoon, hanging around as if they’d lived there all their life, snaffling up the seeds we’ve been leaving out, even looking in the door. Today, the female duck returned, and behind her for the first time, was a procession of ducklings.
Gorgeous and cute; but in these difficult times, there could be a deeper meaning.
Our earliest ancestors watched animals and learned how to hunt, protect themselves and care for each other. Animal spirits have long provided guidance to shamans and in Feng Shui, animals represent auspicious concepts. Unfortunately, centuries of modernisation has separated us from the natural world. But everyone can connect, in fact we’re doing it all the time, mostly without knowing it. So, if you want to know what the animals are telling you, all you have to do is pay attention.
Animals are good teachers. They don’t worry about the future or dwell upon the past, they live in the now. Each animal has its own characteristics and those characteristics will provide a metaphor for the message that’s coming through. Prepare like a squirrel, focus like a hawk.
Animal totem expert, Steven Farmer, once told me that we can distinguish between messages from spirit and chance encounters with animals by watching out for unusual or repetitive appearances.
So what might the ducks have been trying to tell me? To move forward quickly with a new project? To keep on going with an existing one? To spend time exploring emotions? Or were they just trying to tell me that it’s important to be here, at home, the place I feel most comfortable.
2nd April 2020

Home Together: Calm Communication When Everyone’s Stressed Out? Dr Gulara Vincent

Many of you have been gifted with an extraordinary opportunity to spend time with your families. A lot of time. 24/7. Indefinitely. While this can be an amazing opportunity to strengthen your bond, stress and fear can make the process messy and painful. And there's no hiding from your relationships right now - it's not like you can escape to work, hide behind chores or find solace in your favourite activities. Everything you have suppressed in your relationship is likely to surface. For your relationship to function well, Step No.1 is to calm down your nervous system. Your nervous system has three circuits: safe, fight or flight, and freeze.

One of those circuits is always on. Let's say you just read a piece of upsetting news about the virus. Your nervous system is likely to get activated and either freeze (making you feel overwhelmed) or go into fight/flight (panic). But it doesn't stop there. People around you feel that activation and will respond to it. If you're in fight or flight mode, chances are your partner will freeze or fight back. Because their nervous system doesn't recognise that you're activated from reading something on Facebook.

The net effect is this: you’re likely to be in fight/flight or freeze nearly all the time, which will drain your energy in the background and make communication difficult. You can shut down and fight, blaming others for being insensitive, demanding, not loving enough. Or you can turn within and heal the wounds which make this time so uncomfortable. The MBS Portal offers access to amazing healers and therapists.

Make your relationship a priority by healing your wounds. When you feel safe and calm, people around you would respond accordingly. P.S. I’d like to gift you a free group healing on calming nervous system. Enjoy. https://m.soundcloud.com/user-6528…/2019-12-09-71-group-call